Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First Reactions: The Avengers Teaser Trailer

Jables: So even before watching this trailer I must state the following.  I love movies and there have been some really cool and fun comic book movies but OMG another comic book movie?  Really?  Ok I’ll play along. 

Lets go through the players involved.  

Hulk.  Ang Lee’s version didn’t really hit the mark even though Bana was great and the opening scenes were pretty groovy.  Then there was the forgettable Norton reboot that wasn’t good and wasn’t shit.  It really was just nothing that you could be forgiven to not even know ever exisited.  

Thor.  The flick was alright.  Aussie boy Hemsworth was really good and the flick was fun in parts.  Yeah they tried to ruin it with the pointless Portman love story but hey it’s Hollywood. 

Iron Man.  Fuck yeah.  The first movie was amazing.  Brilliantly acted and amazingly directed.  A really fun flick.  But then there was the sequel.  This was basically a teaser for the Avengers movie.  With Scarlett and Samuel L just ruining Iron Man’s groove.  

Captain America.  I haven’t seen this flick yet but by all accounts it wasn’t as fun as Thor and a bit disappointing.  

And then Hawkeye.  A guy that can shoot a bow and arrow really well.  Cool.

Ok and now this:

Ok and now some thoughts.  Standard comic book movie actioner.  There are explosions, hot Scarlett and the gang is all here.  They are fighting Loki from the Thor movie and shit is going down.  Nothing much else to get from the trailer, and highly doubt there is much more to it.  Hulk effects look cool for the 2 seconds you see of him.  And is it blasphemy for me to say that Samuel L Jackson is getting a bit long in the tooth?

I love Joss Whedon and can’t help but get a little geeky excited at the fact that he is directing another movie.  However I am all comic book movied out and can’t help but be sceptical of any “new” comic book flicks.

Quantom: Okay, all I got from it was: SPLOSIONS! SUPER HEROES! HOT BABE! SAMUEL L. JACKSON (again)! So I know this movie has explosions and super heroes. That's all I can glean from it. Will no doubt be completely bog-standard.

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