Sunday, July 10, 2011

New Release Movies: X-Men: First Class (2011)

Wow.  Where to begin.  How about a little bit of history.  The first X-Men movie wasn't perfect.  Hell, it wasn't even anything special.  But it was one of the first decent superhero/comic book movies.  It paved the way for a brilliant sequel (one of few sequels that are actually better than the original), helped to launch Hugh Jackman into superstardom and it brought together two amazing actors in Patrick Stewart and Ian Mckellen.

The follow up X-Men movie is a great flick and even though it has some terrible acting from Halle Berry, is still one of my favourite superhero movies ever.  This movie came out when there was a huge flood of popularity on any comic book movie.

Then came X-Men: The Last Stand.  The less said about this piece of shit movie the better.  This almost killed all superhero/comic book movies for me and I definitely didn't want to see another X-Men movie ever again.  Now 5 years on I am less angry and then this came along.

Some may call it a reboot.  Others a prequel.  I just call it a bloody brilliant film that was enjoyable from the start to the finish.  Speaking of the start, it begins with an almost shot for shot re-imagining of the opening scene from Bryan Singer's original flick.  Does it work?  Yeah it kinda does.  Followed by some scenes of a young Xavier and more young Eric, it adds a good little back story to this movie back story.

Anyway X and Eric cross paths and team up to take down evil mutant baddie Kevin Bacon (more of him soon).  Unfortunately this isn't an awesome buddy cop style movie of the misadventures of two young friends but what we get is a great superhero cast of young mutants from the comic books and some newly created ones for the movie.  X and Eric find other mutants to take down Bacon.

Bacon.  He shines in this film unlike any he has shined in before.  Well since showing his dick in Wild Things.  He was excellent as Sebastian Shaw who's power was to absorb energy from others and transform it into raw strength or something.

What did I like about the film?

The setting.  Set in 1962 around the Cuban Missile Crisis.
The action.  Plenty of great action scenes that aren't over the top unlike a Michael Bay film.
Beast.  Always been a fan of this character and I thought they did a great job of him here.  Props to Nicholas Hoult for doing a great job.

What didn't I like?

Not much.  It was so damn enjoyable.  Well maybe except for January Jones.  Who the hell is this bird?  She couldn't act to save herself and appears to be just in the movies to walk around in skimpy outfits.  But may I add, she does that perfectly.

All in all it was one heck of a fun ride and everything a great superhero flick should be and then some.

I would give it a solid 8/10.  Loses 2 points for Bacon remaining fully clothed.  Then again there was a great cameo from Jackman as Wolvie.  Ok I'll give it 8.5/10.

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