About Jables


Just your average Australian bloke that loves beer, sport, music, beer, movies, games and beer.  There isn't much that can be said about him that hasn't already been said.  "Alright bloke." "Nice enough." "Bit of a geek."  But one thing is sure about Jables and that is he doesn't mind telling you what he thinks about something, and what better way to do that than in a review blog.

Just a couple of Jables' favourites: (in no particular order)

Favourite bands?

The Beatles
Rage Against the Machine
Smashing Pumpkins 

Favourite flicks?

Star Wars (original trilogy)
Pulp Fiction
Lord of the Rings
Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favourite video games?

Mass Effect
Goldeneye 007
Red Dead Redemption
Monkey Island (1 & 2)
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Favourite TV shows?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
South Park
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead