Thursday, August 25, 2011

Garbage Dump: Star Wars Redos

Geek rant in progressing:

So apparently Lucas is going to touch up some more things he didn't like about the Star Wars movies when he releases the movies on Blu-Ray soon.

First announced change is that he is replacing the terible Yoda puppet in Phantom Menace with a CGI Yoda similar to the one used in Attack of the Clones.  Great idea but it really does seem that Lucas will just use CGI to change the movies whenever he feels like it and by the time my children have children the movies won't even be the same.

Q: You're right the puppet is shit, but if it was actual good puppetry I'd take puppets any day of the week. Especially knowing how shit the CGI in the "original" trilogy is now. 

Original footage:

New CGI Yoda:

This is a much better change but still, please stop fucking around with these movies George. Or at least give us the original original trilogy as well so we can make our own decisions on what to watch. If you are going to change anything, then you would be better of changing that whole Greedo shooting shit. I'm not saying Han shot first. He shot only.

Q: As I suspected, the CGI looks shitty there too. You make a good point though, why would it hurt releasing the originals too? They don't even have to be on the same Blu-ray, just sell them separately and they will go gangbusters. 

After seeing that kid again, I realise I have really come to loathe the newer trilogy. Fucking thing sucks.

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