Friday, August 26, 2011

Game of Boards: Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game


Zombie galore to be had here and who doesn't love zombies? Well this game is the ultimate B-Grade zombie movie themed board game littered with zombie movie tropes throughout. The main story behind the game is that you are in the town of Woodinvale and the place has just gone to hell. Depending on the scenario you are playing the story will change but the main idea is that you have a set amount of hours left in the day/night to complete your objectives and stay alive before the zombies take over. Enter lots of zombie killing shenanigans.

Bits and Pieces:

There is a fair bit of stuff in this game but that doesn't confuse things. The board consists of a double-sided square board and 6 L-shaped boards that are used to make the rest of the board up. Depending on the scenario, 4 L-shaped boards are normally randomly selected for each game, and arranged around the central square board. This is good because it will change the board each time you play and helps make the game have a different feel.

There is also plenty of game cards that are great. Each one has a brilliant image of the heroes in poses fighting off zombies. It all adds to the overall B-Grade zombie movie feel. Unfortunately some of the rules on the cards can be a bit confusing and left up to debate on what they actually mean.

The remaining parts of the game are the dice, 5 game scenario cards, 8 character sheets, 8 character models, 14 zombie models, 60 cards for each Heroes and Zombies and assorted counters to allow for house rules and custom scenarios.

All the components here are of high quality and the design of the B-Grade zombie movie feel throughout the game is great.

Also an added extra to the game was the addition of the Last Night on Earth soundtrack. Supposed to add atmosphere to the game and draw you into the theme. Unfortunately it just made us piss ourselves laughing instead.


You start the game by splitting into two teams. The heroes and the zombies. There are 4 heroes players and up to 2 zombie players. The two teams need to complete the objectives on the Scenario card selected at random. This could include for the heroes staying alive until sunrise, killing 15 zombies or gassing up a truck and getting out of dodge. The zombie players have the simple objectives of making the heroes fail their objectives by eating as many brains as they can.

Q: One of the great things about the game is its incredible versatility. There are six scenarios that come with the game, but you'll notice there are added pieces in the box that don't seem to belong to any of them. A quick look online, and you can find some new scenarios on the official website. The best part is you could easily invent your own. Straight after a long session, we would chat about all the new games we could make and all the extra rules we could add or change. Definitely the sign of a good game, and will no doubt add to the longevity of it.

Luck or Skill?

The game relies heavily on dice rolls and card shuffles to decide movement, battles and zombie spawning pit placements. Does this mean that there is no strategy involved? Definitely not. There is certainly plenty of time for strategy to help you win. The heroes must work together otherwise they just won't survive.

Strategy does play a big part, and can be the difference between smashing your opponent, just winning, or just losing. Deliberately playing like a dunce will get you killed quickly. Most of the time, it seemed like the heroes would strategize, and then rely on luck to see if the strategy was able to pan out. However, make no mistake, like any game involving dice and chance, you WILL get screwed at some point - whether it's a useless card, or a roll of snake eyes. In tight contests though, this all adds to the suspense.


Extremely enjoyed this game. It didn't take long to learn the rules and once we did it was so much fun. Nothing beats a zombie apocalypse and I think this game got the feel of it perfect. There are a few different scenarios to be played and I think this allows you to have a different game each time you play. Loved it so much that I'll be looking at getting all the expansions. 8/10.

The group we played the game with had a great time. The rules, if at times not totally clear with some cards, are easy enough to follow. While in some scenarios it seems the heroes are a bit overpowered, the versatility of the game means you can easily make it a lot tougher for them. The best thing that I could say about Last Night On Earth is that time vanishes while you play it. Often, you'd look up at the clock and 2 hours had passed by. A great romp through the zombie apocalypse, I also give it 8 "braaaaiinnss" out of 10.

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