Monday, July 25, 2011

New Release Movies: Bridesmaids (2011)

As you can tell from the title of the movie, it is a movie for chicks.  It's a chick flick.  Unfortunately the only bad thing about being married or having a girlfriend is that you have to sit through chick flicks/romantic comedies (romcoms) from time to time.  This isn't really a romcom though.  Sure there are easily predictable romcom elements to it.  The main character is unlucky in love, she stumbles across a fairly likable bloke, she likes him, he likes her and then she does something to push him away but of course they get back together at the end and we live happily ever after.  Dull, predictable and boring.

The chicks.
But this movie isn't just a romcom.  I don't think it knows what it wants to be.  It starts off as a very adult, raunchy and funny (I guess) flick with the raunchy opening sex scene and then jokes about men's penises.  Then it slips into it's romcom pace for a bit and then changes it's mind and decides to be an over the top gross out movie with flying vomit and pooing in the street jokes.  But straight away it's back into the romcom pacing and the predictable final act where of course everything works out well for all involved.

The main issue I had with the film was that the main character for me was bloody unlikeable.  When she wasn't being an absolute bitch to all her friends or being a stupid cow to her new guy, she was mainly used as a slapstick character getting into one disaster after the other.  Unfortunately I think the character was over used and there wasn't enough time for the other bridesmaids to get a look in.

The underused title characters
Rose Byrne was extremely underused and the other bridesmaids barely did anything.  Which is really disappointing but I think they might have had some interesting characters there but we just didn't get a chance to find out.

Was there anything I like?  Yeah probably.  

The anti-McConaughey
They changed it up a bit with the male love interest not actually being a smokin' hot guy.  He wasn't the Matthew McConaughey type with hard rock abs and overly golden brown skin.  He had average at best looks and had funny eyes but was extremely likeable and believable.

Of course there were laughs along the way.  I found the child in me laughing aloud at the dress fitting scene where they had just eaten some dodgy Brazilian food and proceeded to vomit and shit all over the place.  Really going for the lowest possible denominator there but it was pretty funny.  But unfortunately the laughs were probably spread too thin over the 2 hours.

Dining out on dodgy Brazilian
I can't say I liked the movie but it wasn't the worst chick flick I have had to sit through.

Luckily for the makers of the movie I am definitely not their target audience.  Their jokes were purely aimed at the fairer sex with jokes about weddings, how bad men are and inside jokes about being a chick.  And if the laughter throughout the cinema is anything to go by, they loved it.

If I was a chick I would probably be giving this a 7 or an 8/10.  But I'm definitely 100% dude and it gets a 4/10 from me.


  1. You totally forgot about the Rebel Wilson scenes. THE funniest parts of the whole movie. The tattoo and bag of peas scene in particular was HILARIOUS :)

  2. LOVED the movie, not a huge fan of Rebel Wilson though. I liked it when she called that girl a little cunt and I loved the bit where she was trying to get the cops attention. Who's drivin the car lol

  3. I found the Rebel Wilson scenes to be the worst part. Sorry. lol.