Friday, July 22, 2011

Movie Predictions: The Adventures of Tin Tin: Secret of the Unicorn

Disclaimer: This prediction is purely based on watching the trailer for the movie and without any knowledge of what this movie is about. We apologise for our ignorance in advance but hey, it's us.

     So, where to begin?
     Fucking Snowy!

Fucking Snowy!
     I got a little bit of goosebumps watching that trailer..
     I think overall it looks great.

     About the visuals, is it better they did the CG thing rather than live action?
     I don't know how it would have looked as live action. Could have ended up with another Scooby Doo
     [Shudders] That's true.

Uncanny Valley?
     I love the visuals. I think they look amazing...well obviously they do, but then you worry about the Uncanny Valley.
     Yes for sure. One problem I noticed: some of the animation looks a bit stilted, particularly with the Thomsons, for example when he falls over the cat and runs into the pole...looks a bit shit to be honest.
     I think the Thompsons are meant to be over the top slap-sticky though, which is sort of what I got from it
    Yeah, it's just the actual animation itself didn't flow.
     Fair enough. Hopefully just the trailer then. Notice they didn't linger too long on the faces of characters in the trailer?
     Yes that's true, only quick flashes. I do love Frost and Pegg though.
     Genius choice.

Thompson, Thomson and maybe Professor Calculus (not really sure)
     Which leads me to the next point: great cast.
     Amazing cast. Serkis is amazing.
     Bond! That kid from Billy Elliot!
     [Laughs] I think Serkis and Snowy will steal the show.
    I think so too. That sort of role is made for Gollum.
     Definitely. The story? Seems pretty standard adventure mystery.
     Yeah, I think theyre using 2 stories as the basis?
     Possibly. Basically just looking for a sunken ship, race to find it etc.
     Yep. I think itll be good for kids and those kids at heart, eg you.
     Definitely. It looks like a whole mess of fun. Spielberg and Jackson...dream team.
     Yeah I mean really, this shouldn't fail. There is no reason that this shouldn't be a great romp. Great cast, great graphics, two filmmaking juggernauts behind it.
     Agreed, and I think there will be enough in here for adults too. Should be just an all round good time.

Meeting Haddock (Serkis)
     So were you a Tin Tin fan as a kid?
     I used to read them at the school library. Guess you can say I was a fan. You?
     Yeah, I remember reading a few when I was younger, but I cant really remember heaps about from my perspective, I guess I can't really vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of the film.
     Same. Though just as long as the Thompsons are bumbling fools and Haddock is harsh as and Tin Tin is Tin Tin then I don't think they can go wrong. The only thing that will stop this movie is the visuals. If they fall too much into the Uncanny Valley then people won't connect with the visuals and it will hurt the movie.
     Yep for sure...could backfire doing a half realistic, half cartoony look. I mean sometimes it looks like the books, but other times it looks real. Is there much hype about this on the net? I haven't really heard much in the wild.
     I haven't seen too much, it's just mainly Jackson fans who are hyped I guess.

Great visuals
     Yeah me either...unless you linked me I probably wouldn't have even seen anything about it [laughs]
     [Laughs] Yeah spot on.
     I'm sure it will get a huge push closer to release though.
     Yeah definitely. I read somewhere that PJ talked Steven into doing it as motion capture rather than live action. Steven came to PJ to do a CGI Snowy, and PJ talked him into going the whole hog.
     Wow really? I suppose that would mean WETA is involved. PJ would love that [laughs].
     Yeah WETA are geniuses.

Too real for it's own good?
      Are they using the Avatar mo-cap? Or the old style stuff? I suppose Avatar is the benchmark, has to look as good as that.
     Not sure. Probably do a similar thing to what they did with Gollum. So as you said earlier, there is no possible way that this can fail.
     Except as you said...THE GRAPHICS!
     I'm kinda looking forward to it from that trailer. I reckon if they can pull off the visuals and the story is as fun as it looks, then it can go as high as an 8. Visuals fall flat and there will be trouble.
     Pretty much agree, I worry slightly that it might not have enough to keep me going, but for a kids adventure romp with that cast and direction, it should be a solid 7.5.
     Oh and Pirates!

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