Monday, January 2, 2012

Best of Movies 2011

Jables: Might as well follow the crowd and create a best of 2011 list.  Unfortunately due to a lot of reasons I haven't seen near as many movies as I would have liked but I still got to see plenty of great flicks.  Also some terrible ones.  Here we go.

Must sees:

The Adventures of Tintin - Amazingly clean fun.  What an adventure movie should be like.
X-Men First Class - A brilliant James Bondish X-Men flick.
13 Assassins - Ninjas galore.  What a great ride.
Tucker and Dale vs Evil - A great spin on the tired horror movie genre.
Drive - Perfectly paced flick with a great 80's inspired soundtrack.

Pretty fun:

Fright Night - David Tennant OMG David Tennant
Super 8
Thor - Pretty awesome except for the pointless love story with the pointless Natalie Portman.
Source Code
Moneyball - A sports movie with a difference.  Based on a true story and is really enjoyable.  Pitt puts on a masterclass here.

The oks:

Horrible Bosses
Contagion - Just like Outbreak but with Gwyenth Paltrow as the monkey
Captain America: The First Avenger - He is only Captain America for the last part of the movie.  Lame.
Real Steel - Robots acting out Rocky.  Not bad but when the robots aren't fighting it's quite boring.

The silly but fun ones:

Green Hornet - Brainless action starring Seth Rogan.
Faster - See above but starring The Rock.
Drive Angry - See above but starring Nicolas Cage.

What disappointed me but passable:

Paul - Should have been funnier than it was.
The Inbetweeners - Suffered the same fate as most TV shows turned movies.

What just plain disappointed me:

Sucker Punch - Crap story and crap music.  Was really looking forward to this one too.
Unknown - Basically the same as the awesome Taken but somehow really bad.

What I really didn't like:

Cowboys and Aliens
Green Lantern
Your Highness

What I still need to watch:

The Hunter
Red State
Attack the Block
In Time

What I won't watch because I know I'll hate it:

Hangover Part II
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
Jack and Jill

Quantom: I'm going to approach it a different way to Jables; rather than give a list I'll just share some thoughts. Most of the films I watched were pretty mediocre, but I really needed to go beyond the Hollywood shittiness. It ended strongly with a fun romp in Tintin, but otherwise there was not much else to speak of. I haven't seen the other top movies in Jables' list bar X-men, so I might have to change that. On X-men, I am one of the few people I've spoken to who really didn't like it. Really cheesy acting, ridiculous new mutants, and some terrible retconing with Mystique. Bacon was probably the highlight as the baddie. 

I really enjoyed Source Code, which was a clever and original action movie from a director who seems to be pretty awesome in Duncan Jones. Thor provided some fun entertainment and a few laughs. I saw a few movies that really did nothing for me in Cowboys and Aliens, Limitless, and disappointingly Rise of the Planet of the Apes. With the latter, the editing seemed hodge-podge and none of the good bits happen until the very end. Even then, the 'rise' itself is lame. 

Paul had a few laughs but was ultimately not up to the usual Pegg/Frost standard. A new Pirates of the Caribbean came along, which was so phoned in it was ridiculous. The Harry Potter series finally ended, on an "okay" note. Some of the battle scenes were pretty good, but I guess after 7 films of build up it would have to be an amazing finale...which it wasn't. Green Lantern we reviewed, which is one of the worst movies I've seen in recent memory. 

I still have some hyped-up movies to see in The King's Speech, Drive, Moneyball and Glee 3D. Overall though, it seems to be a pretty average year that should be well and truly demolished by the coming one. 

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